Best WooCommerce Variation Recommendation Plugins

If you wish your users to know about their previously purchased variation in a product category, then you can make use of the Variation Recommendation system on your WooCommerce Store.

Advantages of Having a Variation Recommendation plugin in your WooCommerce Shop

i) Convenience for Customers
By displaying the previously purchased variation to your users they can decide without any confusion. It can increase the usability of your site as well as customer satisfaction.

ii) Reduces Cart Abandonment
In case if a customer doesn’t remember the variation they have bought on a prior visit, they might abandon their cart in frustration. To avoid this kind of issue on your site, this plugin helps you displaying their previously purchased variation & helps you in increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

iii) Avoid Refunds and Exchanges
Customers cannot go for refunds/exchanges when they are confident in purchasing the preferred variations.

In this article, you can look into the Best WooCommerce Variation Recommendation Plugins.
As of now, there is only one Variation Recommendation plugin for WooCommerce which we can look into in detail in this article.

Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce Plugin
Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce is a premium plugin developed by Flintop. Using this plugin, you can recommend product variations to your users base on their past purchases.

Features offered by this plugin are as follows,

i) User Type
It works only for the Registered Users

ii) Attribute Selection
Option to select the attributes in each category

iii) Recommendation
You can recommend the previously purchased variation in the category

iv) Message can be customized

v) Easy to configure

How does it work?

Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce works in multiple use cases.

Example use case
This example recommends the previously purchased size in the same category after making the initial purchase.

Initial purchase
– A user visits a variable product[shoe] in the Shoe category.
– The available sizes of the shoe are listed as variations.
– The user selects the size as “8” & completes the purchase.

Next purchase
– The user returns to the store to shop for another shoe.
– The user sees a tip showing that they have previously purchased a “shoe size 8” below the size options on the shoe product page.
– Hence, the user buys another shoe with the “size 8” without any confusion.

Note: The previously purchased shoe variation displays on all shoe product pages.

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