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Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a comprehensive WooCommerce Wallet System which can be used to purchase Store Credits, purchase products using Store Credits, etc. WooCommerce Wallet allows your customers to add funds to their Wallet and spend the amount in their Wallet on future purchases. This helps quicker checkout process, avoid customers on entering credit card or Payment Information while making purchase. Wallet Funds also provide an Insight to Site Admin about the future sales which might happen in their WooCommerce Shop.

Customers can quickly complete their purchase by using the inbuilt Wallet payment gateway. Wallet also supports partial usage of Wallet balance if the user doesn’t have sufficient Wallet Funds to complete the order.

Wallet provides additional controls to Store Owner such as Credit/Debit Funds to any Wallet, Impose Wallet usage restrictions, lock/unlock any user’s Wallet, etc.

Core Features

Display Top-up form Anywhere

Top-up form will be displayed in Wallet dashboard and additionally you can display it anywhere on the site using shortcode

Admin can Credit/Debit Funds Manually for Any User

At any time, admin can manually credit funds to any user wallet and debit funds from any user wallet

Make Payments using Wallet Balance

Customers can purchase products on the site using their available Wallet balance

Partial Payments using Wallet Balance

Customers have the flexibility to pay partially using their Wallet balance and remaining using other payment gateways. This way customers can use their Wallet even in case if they don’t have enough Wallet balance irrespective of Order total

Threshold for Low Wallet Funds

Setting up Low Wallet Threshold will give alert for the customers to Top-up their Wallet

Request/Transfer Funds to Another User

A customer can make a request to another user to get Wallet balance and they can also transfer their Wallet balance to another user on the site

Cashback for Wallet Top-up and Product Purchase using Wallet Gateway

Cashback can be given to users when they Top-up their Wallet and when they purchase products on the site

Withdraw Wallet Balance into Real Money

Customers can withdraw their available Wallet balance to their PayPal account or to their Bank account

Wallet Statement through Email

Statement for Wallet transactions can be sent through email Weekly/Monthly/Yearly

Wallet Auto Top-up

Customers can opt-in for Auto Top-up so that whenever their Wallet balance goes to a low threshold, their Wallet will be Top-up automatically

Lock/Unlock any User Wallet

Admin can Lock/Unlock any user Wallet whenever needed. Admin can also make a Schedule and Lock user’s Wallet.
Direct Refund to Wallet
When an Order is placed using Wallet and if a Refund has been initiated for that Order, then the Refund amount will be directly credited to the user Wallet.

All Features

  • Wallet balance with expiry [Requires Premium Version]
  • Wallet for WooCommerce behaves as an online payment gateway
  • Customers can add funds to their account using top-up form/widgets
  • Wallet Top up form can be displayed on My Account Page, Cart Page, Checkout page [Requires Premium Version]
  • Make purchases using wallet payment gateway
  • Partial Payment supported [Requires Premium Version]
  • Wallet balance will be displayed on My Account Page
  • Maximum Wallet Balance per user can be set
  • Wallet funds can be restricted to specific products/categories [Requires Premium Version]
  • Wallet top-up/usage can be restricted to specific users/user roles [Requires Premium Version]
  • Minimum and Maximum Top-Up Amount can be set
  • Maximum Wallet Balance threshold per user can be set
  • Minimum and Maximum Cart Total for Wallet usage can be set
  • Maximum Funds that can be used in an order can be set [Requires Premium Version]
  • Threshold for Low Wallet funds can be set [Requires Premium Version]
  • Wallet balance round off settings [Requires Premium Version]
  • Wallet usage can be restricted for specific time period
  • Wallet usage can be Restricted on specific days of a week
  • Users Can transfer their Funds / Request for Funds from other users in the site [Requires Premium Version]
  • Cashback can be issued as Wallet Balance [Requires Premium Version]
  • Customers can withdraw their wallet balance as real money [Requires Premium Version]
  • Periodic Statements can be sent to users about their wallet activity [Requires Premium Version]
  • Users can setup auto top-up for their wallet balance [Requires Premium Version]
  • SMS Notification can be sent for all Wallet activities [Requires Premium Version]
  • Email notification for wallet transactions[Notifications for Low Wallet Funds, Wallet Funds Expired, Scheduled Wallet Lock/Unlock Requires Premium Version]
  • Each transaction details will be listed in the admin panel and My Account Page for users [Requires Premium Version]
  • Admin have the control to manually adjust the Customers Wallet Balance
  • Admin can Lock/Unlock any User’s Wallet
  • Short-codes Supported
  • Highly customizablehttps://hoicker.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/walletpremium.zip
  • Translation Ready
Free Vs Premium
Adding Funds to Wallet
Credit/Debit Funds manually to any User by Site Admin
Payment using Wallet Gateway
Record All Wallet Transactions
Limit Maximum Wallet balance for users
Lock/Unlock user Wallet
Restrict Wallet usage for a specific duration
Restrict Wallet usage on specific days of the week
Basic Email Notifications
Advanced Email Notifications
Partial Wallet Usage
Access to Shortcodes
Display Wallet balance on My Account Page
Customizable Wallet Expiry
Display Wallet balance on Cart and Checkout Page
Wallet usage restriction for specific products/categories
Wallet usage restriction for specific users/user roles
Alert for Low Wallet Funds
Limit to spend Wallet balance on an Order
Request for Funds from another user
Transfer Funds to another user
Cashback for Wallet Top-up and Wallet Gateway usage
Withdraw Wallet balance to Real money
Wallet Balance Auto Top-up
SMS Notifications
Periodic Wallet Statements
How Wallet Expiry works?

Wallet Expiry will be decided based on the last Credit on the Wallet. i.e. whenever there is a Credit in the Wallet, the expiry date will be extended automatically.


What happens when a user’s Wallet Balance gets Expired?

When a user’s Wallet Balance gets expired, then their current Wallet balance will be debited automatically which will be non-usable in future.

Is it possible for the user to use their Wallet balance for an Order even if their Wallet balance is low compared to the Order Total?

Yes, user can pay partially using their Wallet balance and the remaining amount using other payment gateways.

Can site admin manually Credit funds to a user’s Wallet?

Yes, site admin can Credit/Debit funds manually to any user’s Wallet.

What API is used for sending SMS?

SMS is sent using Twilio/Nexmo SMS API.

What details are needed for Auto Top-up?

For Auto Top-up, a user has to authenticate their Credit Card. These details will be saved in the Stripe server.

Is HRW – Stripe Payment Gateway PCI Compliant?

Yes, HRW – Stripe Payment Gateway is fully PCI Compliant.


Version 3.1

New: Option to restrict WC Coupon Usage when using Wallet Payment Gateway in the order
Tweak: Cashback Value can be set in Decimal Places
Tweak: Improvement in All Wallet Menu at the Admin End if the user has been deleted
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8.3 & WooCommerce v6.1.0
Fix: Unable to place the order by Guest Users when using Discount Module
Fix: Calculation issue based on order subtotal
Fix: Warning Error in Cart & Checkout Page

Version 3.0

Tweak: Hooks & Filters for Custom Payment Method
Tweak: Added filter to revise the funds based on Custom Order Status
Tweak: Tested WordPress with v5.8.2 & WooCommerce v5.9.0
Fix: Unable to set the Logo in Wallet Statement Module & Wallet Activities are not displaying in PDF under Transactions
Fix: Funds redeemed in cart/checkout are deducted incorrectly from the Wallet[Conflict with Tax Setup]
Fix: Following issues have occurred when using PHP Version above 8.x
– Unable to Top-up
– Deprecated Messages while activating the plugin
Fix: Warning Error at Cart & Checkout

Version 2.9

New: Added customization option for Dashboard Header Menu & Sub- Menu
New: Option to remove the Wallet Top-Up product while purchasing a Regular Product(s)
New: Compatible with WPML String Translation
New: Added shortcodes to display the menu present in the dashboard
Tweak: Hiding the redeeming funds field during top-up
Tweak: Improvement in js
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.6.0 & WooCommerce v5.0.0
Fix: Incorrect discount applying while using funds in cart & checkout[Conflict with Tax]
Fix: Deprecated Message displaying at the admin end
Fix: Warning Message while activating the plugin

Version 2.8

Tweak: Improvement in redeeming the funds in cart & checkout
Tweak: Displaying the Payment Details in Withdrawal Request Email receiving by admin using this shortcode {wallet_withdrawal_details}
Tweak: Decimal value supported in Charge Fee option[“Fund Transfer” & “Wallet Withdrawal” Module]
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.5 & WooCommerce v4.4
Tweak: POT File Updated

Version 2.7

New: Option to increase the pagination for the following tables,
– Wallet Activity at both Frontend & Backend
– Wallet Withdrawal Transaction Table at Frontend
New: Added Export CSV Button in All Wallet Transaction Log and each User Transaction Log at the admin end
New: Option to turn off the OTP in Fund Transfer & Wallet Withdrawal
Tweak: Improvement in displaying the On/Off & Settings in the Modules Tab[RTL Support]
Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce 4.3.0
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Search Users Filter is not working in All Wallet Menu at admin end

Version 2.6

New: Option to display the low wallet threshold message in Pop-Up
New: Option to hide the Wallet Menu at My Account Page
New: Option to hide the Expiry Date in Frontend Wallet Menu
New: Option to select the Wallet Fund Number Type as Whole Number/Decimals
New: Option to display the number of decimals based on WooCommerce Settings
Tweak: Improvement in Wallet Usage based on user/user role option
Tweak: Improvement in not creating the order at the backend when placing the order using Wallet Payment Gateway & not having enough funds on the Wallet
Tweak: Code Improvement in activating the plugin
Tweak: Removed the Stripe Payment Gateway from Wallet Top-Up Gateway list
Tweak: POT File Updated
Fix: Wallet Edit Page becomes blank at the admin end
Fix: Restriction Settings is not working in the Fund Transfer Module
Fix: Search Users filter in Transaction Log is not working
Fix: Shortcode [top_amount] is not working in Cashback Module
Fix: Shortcodes [amount], [user_name] from Fund Transfer Module is not working
Fix: Refund via Wallet button is not displaying on edit order page[Conflict with Refund Plugin Compatibility]

Version 2.5

New: Option added to customize the Wallet Menu Name
New: Added shortcode to display the available Wallet Funds
Tweak: Improvement in Credit and Debit order status settings
Tweak: Added an option to display the column with post id in tables at frontend dashboard
Tweak: PO File Updated
Fix: Save Changes button is unclickable in General Tab

Version 2.4

Tweak: Shortcode Improvements

Version 2.3

New: Security Settings Module
Tweak: PO File Updated

Version 2.2

New: Gift Card Module
Tweak: Updated po files
Fix: Duplicate wallet entries being recorded for new users

Version 2.1

New: Discount Module
Tweak: Updated pot files
Fix: Fatal Error in Profile Menu on Frontend Dashboard

Version 2.0

New: Fund Request/Transfer Module
New: Cashback Module
New: Wallet Auto Top-Up Module
New: Wallet Withdrawal Module
New: Wallet Account Statement Module
New: SMS Module
Tweak: Major Code Revamp for Performance
Tweak: Menu Structure Modified
Tweak: UI Improvement
Tweak: POT File added

Version 1.7

Tweak: Labels Updated
Fix: Incorrect Balance debited based on order status

Version 1.6

Fix: Script errors in Edit Wallet Balance page

Version 1.5

Tweak: Additional Translation Improvements

Version 1.4

Tweak: Translation Improvements.

Version 1.3

Fix: Plugin Settings Default Value
Fix: Wallet Usage Product Restriction
Fix: Incorrect Wallet Balance in Email
Tweak: Date Selection using Date Picker
Tweak: Settings Page Icons Display

Version 1.2

Fix: Debug Warnings

Version 1.1

Fix: Blank Page upon Saving the Settings

Version 1.0

Initial Release

Last Update 21 January 2022
Requires WooCommerce 3.0 or higher up to 6.1.0
Requires WordPress 3.4 or higher up to 5.8.3
Requires MySQL 5.0 or higher
Requires PHP 5.2.4 or higher
Tags WooCommerce wallet, Wallet, Wallet for WooCommerce, Wallet Plugin, WooCommerce Wallet Plugin

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