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Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a comprehensive WooCommerce Wallet System which can be used to purchase Store Credits, purchase products using Store Credits, etc. WooCommerce Wallet allows your customers to add funds to their Wallet and spend the amount in their Wallet on future purchases. This helps quicker checkout process, avoid customers on entering credit card or Payment Information while making purchase. Wallet Funds also provide an Insight to Site Admin about the future sales which might happen in their WooCommerce Shop.

Customers can quickly complete their purchase by using the inbuilt Wallet payment gateway. Wallet also supports partial usage of Wallet balance if the user doesn’t have sufficient Wallet Funds to complete the order.

Wallet provides additional controls to Store Owner such as Credit/Debit Funds to any Wallet, Impose Wallet usage restrictions, lock/unlock any user’s Wallet, etc.


Wallet Top up Form

Customers can easily add funds to their Wallet by using the Wallet Top up form. Upon submitting the form, a top-up product will be added to cart. Once the user completes the purchase, the newly added funds will reflect in the Wallet Balance.

Advanced Controls

Site admin can Credit/Debit funds to any user’s Wallet at any point of time.

Pay using Wallet Balance

Customers can make payments for their orders by using the wallet Payment Gateway available at the checkout page. As soon as customer clicks the place order button, the order amount will be deducted from the Customer’s Wallet Balance.

Partial Usage of Wallet Balance

Your Customers can make partial payments using their Wallet Balance and the remaining amount can be paid using other Payment methods which you have configured in your WooCommerce Shop.

Refunds can be Issued as Wallet Balance

When used with WooCommerce Refund Module of Hoicker, Refunds can be issued as Wallet Balance.

Wallet Balance on My Account Page

Each user’s current Wallet Balance along with the Transaction Log is displayed on their My Account page.


  • Users can Add Funds to their Wallet
  • Site Admin can Credit/Debit Wallet Funds for any User
  • Users can make Payments for their Orders using their Wallet Balance
  • Partial Wallet usage is Supported
  • Email Notifications can be sent for the Wallet Transactions
  • All the Wallet Transactions will be Recorded
  • Expiry for Wallet can be set
  • Maximum Wallet Balance per user can be set
  • Wallet Usage can be Restricted to specific Products/Categories
  • Wallet Usage can be Restricted to specific Users/User Roles
  • Admin can Lock/Unlock Wallet of any User
  • Minimum and Maximum Top-Up Amount can be set
  • Minimum and Maximum Cart Total for Wallet usage can be set
  • Wallet usage can be restricted for a specific period
  • Wallet usage can be restricted on specific days of a week
  • Wallet messages are highly customizable
  • Shortcodes Supported
  • Compatible with SUMO Reward Points
  • Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions
  • Compatible with SUMO Affiliates


The user needs to fill the Wallet Top Up form and when the form is submitted, top-up product will be added to cart with user defined top up amount as the product price.


Once the order with the top-up product is placed successfully and when payment for the order is received, the Top Up amount will be automatically credited to user’s Wallet.


Now, user can make payments for their orders by using their Wallet balance by choosing Wallet as payment gateway at checkout.


Once the order is placed, order amount will be automatically deducted from the user’s wallet.


Features Free Version  Premium Version
Adding Funds to Wallet
Credit/Debit funds to user Wallet by Site Admin
Payment using Wallet Gateway
Recording Wallet Transactions
Maximum Wallet Balance for a User
Lock/Unlock user Wallet
Restrict Wallet usage for specific duration
Restrict Wallet usage for specific days of a week
Basic Email Notifications
Advanced Email Notifications
Partial Wallet Usage
Restrict Wallet usage for specific products/categories
Restrict Wallet usage for specific users/user roles
Hide other Payment gateways when Wallet gateway is Enabled
Prefilled Amount(Editable), Prefilled Amount(Non-Editable) and Prefilled Buttons Fund Adding Types
Threshold warning for Low Wallet balance
Refund Amount can be given as Wallet Balance

(WooCommerce Refund – Compatibility)

Automatic Subscription payment using Wallet balance

(SUMO Subscriptions – Compatibility)

Reward Points Cashback in form of Wallet Balance

(SUMO Reward Points – Compatibility)

Affiliate Commissions in the form of Wallet Balance

(SUMO Affiliates – Compatibility)

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