Thanks for using and here we will explain the Privacy Policy.

Information we collect

We may collect your information as follows.

Information you provide us
When you register on our website, email us, post a comment, subscribe to notifications etc you are providing information to us which may include your name, address, email id, phone, credit card, gender, occupation, location, IP address etc. By providing this information, you are consenting to your information being collected, used, disclosed or stored as per the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Information from your use
When you use our website, products, services etc, we collect information such as your IP address, time, date, browser, os, system used, etc and the actions made by you during such time.

When you register on Hoicker or use Hoicker or use products and services of Hoicker, we store “cookies” on your computer to collect information such as your time, date, browser, system os, location, etc or such other information. You may turn off cookies from your browser settings but turning off might result in limited use of Hoicker or even totally limit you from using Hoicker.

Third Party Sources
We also collect information such as your time, date, location, browser etc using third party services such as Google Analytics, Emailing services etc which collect information as per their own privacy policy. We might also collect information from Social Media sites, Google search etc which are all available publicly as per their own privacy policy.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We may use and disclose your information as follows.

To Promote Hoicker, Products and Services
We may use your information in order to promote Hoicker, Products and Services. We might send you promotional emails on new Product/Service launches, deals on Products/Services, even third party Products/Services. We might send you an email requesting to join Hoicker if you have left your email id as a visitor. We might also send you emails to do surveys and promote things that we feel might enhance your user experience with Hoicker.

To Keep you informed
We might send you emails letting you know about the change of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, for security reasons etc.

Legal Perspective
In order to comply legally and keep you informed about such things.

Safety and Rights
To protect the safety and rights of Members, ourselves and our partners.

Sharing of Information
We don’t sell your information. We do share your information with other third party services such as hosting providers, email providers etc in order to enhance your experience with Hoicker. We will run offers, deals etc from time to time and might share your information in order to run these offers with other third parties.

Protection of Information
We care and protect your information to the best of our abilities. But we can’t assure you that your information will not get hacked, will be safe all the time etc. In case of any such security problem, we will notify you to take appropriate action such as resetting or changing your password, email id etc. Hoicker needs a username and password for login and it is your responsibility to make sure you keep these safe and private.

The privacy policy will be updated as we move forward and it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the latest changes. We will do our best to keep you informed about such updates through emails, site notice etc though it may not be always the case.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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