Best WooCommerce Newly Released Product Plugins

One of the best ways to promote newly released products on a WooCommerce shop is to make the products easily accessible on the site. Newly Released Product plugins give the facility to organize this and increase sales.

Advantages of Having a Newly Released Product Plugin In Your WooCommerece Shop

Promote New Products
– If the new products are easily accessible by the customer, then there is a higher chance that the customer will like to know about the product results in promoting the product without any other marketing tactics.

Increase Sales
– According to researches, customers are like to purchase new products rather than outdated products which means the site is getting more revenue from new products sold on the site.

In this article, we can look into Best Newly Released Products Plugins for WooCommerce.

As of now, there is only one Newly Released Products plugin for WooCommerce which we can look into in detail in this article.

Newly Released Products for WooCommerce
Newly Released Products for WooCommerce is a premium plugin developed by Flintop. Using this plugin, on a dedicated page, you can show the newly released products on your site.

Features Offered by this Plugin

Dedicated Page to Display New Releases
– With this plugin, you will be able to display the new products on a dedicated page that shows the latest new releases on top of the order. Hence, the customer will be able to see the latest released product first. Category-wise sorting helps the customers to see the new releases on the category they are interested in.

Display New Release Badge in Shop and Single Product Page
– If a product is listed on the New Release page, then a badge can be displayed on Shop and Single Product page stating that the product is newly released. You can customize the badge as per your needs.

Subscribe for Email Notifications on New Releases
– On the New Releases page, customers will be able to subscribe for each category for getting an email notification when a new product is released on the category for which the customer has subscribed.

Works for Logged In Users and Guests
– All the features in this plugin are supported for both logged-in users and guests.

How it works?

New Releases Page
– Upon activating the plugin for the first time, the New Releases page will be created automatically. Site admin can also be able to set a custom page as the New Releases page.
– Set the number of products to display per page and the number of products to display per category.
– If some categories have to be hidden on the New Releases page, then you can select the categories to be hidden and it is possible to show only the parent categories on the New Releases page.

New Release Badges
– New Release Badges can be displayed on the Shop page and Simple Product page.
– From the publish date of the product, you can show the badge only for a specific number of days.
– Site admin can customize the badge style, text, and color as per your needs.

Notification Emails
– The Subscription form will be displayed in each category on the New Releases page.
– When a customer subscribes to a specific category, then if a product is published on that category, they will be notified by email with the URL to the simple product page of that product.
– Site admin can able to see the list of subscribers category-wise and the number of email notifications sent for a specific customer in the backend.

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