Top 2 WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugins

Measurement Price Calculator is used for calculating the price of products based on the Area, Volume, Weight, dimensions, square footage, etc. It helps customers to know the price of the bulk products based on their requirements which results in increasing the business sales. In this article, we have listed Top 2 Best Measurement Price Calculator plugins.

1. WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator allows you to calculate the products which are sold in quantities based on their volume, weight, dimensions etc. Customers can easily know the price of the items by entering their requirements. Also, it allows you to sell products based on the price by a unit of measurement (per square foot, cubic yard, etc).

Two Calculator Modes are Available,

i) Quantity Based Mode
It allows the customer to enter their required measurement of product and the calculator will determine the quantity(i.e., boxes of tiles) which is required or exceeds the required measurement.

ii) User Defined Mode
In this mode, the price can be configured based on per measurement(i.e., dollars per foot). The total price will be calculated based on the customer’s input.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is developed by SkyVerge. Some of the key features offered by this plugin are as follows,

– Product Type
It works with both Simple and Variable Products
– Two Calculator Modes
i) Quantity Based Mode
ii) User Defined Mode
– Product prices can be displayed per unit in the shop and product pages
– Pricing calculator to calculate the price of the products based on foot, square meter, cubic yard, etc
– It supports quantity calculator to know the product measurements
– It allows simple inputs like Area, volume, perimeter, and surface area or entering length, width, and height independently to calculate the price of the products
– Product inventory can be managed “per unit”
– Product weight can be set/calculated “per unit” for shipping
– Allows any combination of units
-Variable products supported for per-unit pricing, shipping weight, and inventory
– It supports Special “Room Walls” calculator for selling wallpaper

Available Units

t (tonne/metric ton)

tn (short ton = 2000 lbs)


mi (mile)

Area / Surface Area
ha (hectare)
sq km
sq m
sq cm
sq mm

acs (acre)
sq. mi.
sq. yd.
sq. ft.
sq. in.

cu m


fl. oz.
cu. yd.
cu. ft.
cu. in.

2. SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is a comprehensive measurement price calculator plugin. It allows to calculates the price and quantity based on the measurements input given by the customer. You can easily sell more products based on measurements such as m, ft, kg etc. It supports single, double and triple inputs.

SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is developed by Fantastic Plugins. Some of the main features offered by this plugin are as follows,

– Product Type
It works with both Simple and Variable Products
– Price Calculator for different Measurement Types
i) Dimensions
ii) Weight
iii) Area, Area(L*W), Surface Area(2LW+2LH+2WH)
iv) Volume, Volume(A*H), Volume(L*W*H)
v) Perimeter(2L+2W)
vi) Room Walls
– Different types of Units provided for each Measurement Type
i) m
ii) ft
iii) l
iv) kg
v) etc
– Product Price can be calculated based on User’s Input
– It allows calculating the product quantity based on the user’s input
– Product Inventory in the form of the Measurement unit(example: kg, lb, l, etc)
– Minimum Price can be set for Measurement Type
– Sale Price(can be scheduled) for Measurement Pricing Rules
– Pricing Table displayed for Measurement Range
– Pricing and Units labels are customizable
– Works with WooCommerce supported theme

Available Units

1. mm; 4. km; 7. ft;
2. cm; 5. mi; 8. yd;
3. m; 6. in;

1. g; 4. oz;
2. kg; 5. tn(short ton which equals to 2000lbs);
3. lbs; 6. t(metric ton);

1. sq mm; 4. sq km; 7. sq. ft; 10. acs (acre);
2. sq cm; 5. sq. mi; 8. sq. yd;
3. sq m; 6. sq. in; 9. ha (hectare);

1. cu m; 4. cu. yd; 7. fl. oz(US); 10. qt(quants -US);
2. cu. in; 5. ml; 8. cup(US); 11. pt(pints- US);
3. cu. ft; 6. l; 9. gal(US);

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