Top 10+ Useful Affiliate Plugins For WordPress And WooCommerce

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to sell products online. Running an affiliate system in your WooCommerce Store will provide benefits such as Bring new customers to the site, Boost your sales, Free promotion etc.

Affiliate Plugins are essential to run a successful affiliate program in your WooCommerce Store. In this article, We have listed the Top 10 Affiliate plugins which include WooCommerce Native Affiliate Plugins and WooCommerce Compatible Affiliate plugins.

Uses of Having an Affiliate System in your WooCommerce Shop
1. Free Promotion to your site
Members[Registered users] can become an affiliate on your site and they can refer new users which leads in bringing more traffic to the site without any promotion.

2. Easy to Control
You may be able to control the whole affiliate system by setting the commission rates, create links and send payments to your affiliates.

WooCommerce Native Affiliate Plugins
1. SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin
2. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates
3. CBX Woo Coupon Referral Affiliate

WooCommerce Compatible Affiliate Plugins
4. SUMO Affiliates Pro – WordPress Affiliate Plugin
5. Magic Affiliate
7. WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin
8. Affiliate Royale
9. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin
10 AffiliateWP
11. WP Affiliate Platform

WooCommerce Native Affiliate Plugins

1. SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin is a premium WooCommerce native plugin which allows members(logged in users) to become Affiliates and promote the products sold on the site. Whenever a user purchases a product by using an Affiliate Link, then the Affiliate associated with the link will earn commission for the purchase.

Some of the key features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Affiliate Promotion through Affiliate link/code
– Separate Dashboard for Affiliates
– Link Generator for Affiliates
– Affiliate Link can be generated based on Affiliate Id/Name
– Refer a Friend form to refer new users to the site
– Validity of the Affiliate Cookie can be set
– Lifetime Affiliate Linking
– Order Status for Calculating Affiliate Commission can be set
– Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing
– Emails for All Affiliate Actions
– Unpaid Commissions can be exported to CSV File for PayPal Mass Payment
– Separate Table for Site Admin to manage the Affiliate Commission
– Highly Customizable

2. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates plugin allows your affiliates to promote your products on their blogs and they earn commission for each successful purchase through their Affiliate Link.

Some of the key features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Shortcode for affiliate registration
– Can set a general commission for affiliates
– Commission status changes automatically based on order status
– Total affiliate commissions can be reduced in case of refunds

3. CBX Woo Coupon Referral Affiliate

CBX Woo Coupon Referral Affiliate plugin helps you to run coupon based affiliate program in your WooCommere store.
In general, customers get discounts by using the WooCommerce coupon. By using this plugin, affiliate can be linked to coupon. When the customer buys products using this coupon, the affiliate will earn a corresponding commission and the customer will get the discount as well.

Some of the features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Option to choose user role to assigned as affiliate
– Bind One user with one coupon
– Page for affiliate user

WooCommerce Compatible Affiliate Plugins

4. SUMO Affiliates Pro – WordPress Affiliate Plugin

SUMO Affiliates Pro is a comprehensive WordPress Plugin which supports WooCommerce and developed by FantasticPlugins. Using this plugin, you can allow both guest users and registered users to become affiliates to promote your site and products. You can award commissions for actions such as Account Sign Up, Affiliate Sign Up, Form Submission, Product Purchases, etc.

Some of the key features offered by this plugin are listed below,
– Affiliate system for WordPress
– Advanced integration with WooCommerce
– Affiliate commission for form submission through
i) Contact Form7
ii) Formidable Forms
iii) WP Forms
– Option for the user to directly become as an affiliate while creating an account through WooCommerce
– A separate table for the site admin to manage the affiliates
– Separate dashboard for the affiliate to manage the affiliate promotion
– Refer a friend form for affiliates
– Option for the site admin to identify the affiliate based on Affiliate ID/Affiliate Name
– MLM system for Affiliates
– Account Signup Affiliate Commission
– Affiliate Signup Commission
– WooCommerce Product Purchase Commission
– Site admin can process referral payment for their affiliates using any one of the payment methods listed below
i) PayPal Payouts
ii) Bank Transfer
iii) Affiliate Wallet
iv) Reward Points(Requires SUMO Reward Points)
– Compatible with SUMO Reward Points, SUMO Subscriptions, SUMO Payment Plans, SUMO Pre-Orders

5. Magic Affiliate

Magic Affiliate plugin helps you to set affiliate program in your WordPress Site. It can be integrated with WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce.

Few features of this plugins are
– Real-Time Reporting
– Unlimited Affiliates
– Recurring Commissions
– Optional Sign up Bonus
– Automatic Mass PayPal Payment

6. Affiliates

Affiliates plugin allows you to run a successful affiliate program in your store. This plugin comes in handy for sellers, bloggers and membership sites during a product launch, store promotion, etc. It is used to manage affiliates, create referrals and track visits to your site through affiliate links.

Some major features offered by this plugin are,
– Automated affiliate registration
– Unlimited affiliate management
– Can integrate Affiliates with any platform (e-commerce, forms, lead generation, memberships)

Affiliates WooCommerce Light is required to integrate Affiliates with WooCommerce

Check out Affiliates Pro which offers more features

7. WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin

Using WordPress Affiliate & Referral plugin, you can run an affiliate program and pay your affiliates using PayPal Mass Payment system. This plugin provides shortcodes for Facebook Send & Share buttons, Twitter Tweet button, LinkedIn button and Google+ +1 button. You can track referrals who signed up directly without using the shared link by setting a cookie. It is highly compatible with WooCommerce.

Some features offered by this plugins are as follows,
– PayPal Mass Payment option
– Enclosing shortcode for referral banners that work with any image
– Android App
– Default user profiles are extended with referral information
– Customize destination URL
– Email Notification for the Affiliate actions

8. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale helps to run an entire Affiliate Program for your WordPress site. It is compatible with WooCommerce. When Affiliate Royale is installed, it automatically creates page for,
– Affiliate Sign up
– Affiliate Login
– Affiliate Management Dashboard

Affiliate Management Dashboard enables your affiliates to
– Edit their profile
– Observe their statistics
– Download their links & banners for the affiliate program
– View their payment history

9. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin helps to run Affiliate Program on your WordPress site. It supports PayPal and Stripe Payouts. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress is compatible with WooCommerce.

Some of the key features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Unlimited Affiliates can be managed
– Supports Multi-level Marketing
– Lifetime Commissions
– Provides different Banners
– PayPal Payouts
– OptIn Integration

10. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP enables affiliate marketing in your WordPress store. Referral tracking is possible through this plugin.

Few features of AffiliatesWP are,
– Accurate affiliate tracking
– Real-time reporting
– Unlimited affiliates
– Unlimited creatives
– Referral link generator

AffiliateWP supports famous plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Restrict Content Pro, PayPal, Stripe etc.

11. WP Affiliate Platform

WP Affiliate Platform is a complete Affiliate plugin for WordPress.

Features of this plugins are,
– Unlimited affiliates
– Recurring Commissions – For subscription payments via PayPal
– Simple banner and text link management
– Edit or Remove Affiliates
– Unlimited Banners and Creatives

Affiliates WooCommerce Advanced Integration is required to set commission for each product.

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