Best WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

Social Content Locker is a widely used strategy to lock the content or videos posted on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. To view the video or content, viewers should have to share or like which helps to increase the social traffic and website ranking. In this article, We have listed the Best WordPress Social Content Locker plugins. They are,

1. Social Share And Social Locker – ARSocial
2. Content Locker
3. Easy Social Locker
4. Super Social Content Locker
5. OnePress Social Locker
6. Share Locker
7. Real Content Locker

Uses of Social Content Locker Plugins

– You can lock certain content or restrict any posts/pages in social media networks.
– It is easy to configure Social Share, Social Like / Follow / Subscribe, Social Locker and Social Fan Counter to display at pages/posts.
– It helps to protect your sensitive information on certain pages while allowing to share with others.

1. Social Share And Social Locker – ARSocial

Social Share and Social Locker plugin allows you to lock your content in the post. It provides the facility of placing social network buttons at section wise, site-wide as well as using the shortcode. It is a combination of four different plugins namely Social Like / Follow / Subscribe, Social Share, Social Fan Counter and Social Content Locker.

Social Share Buttons and Social Content Locker are the two important functionality to boost social traffic on every site. Using ARsocial – Social Share And Social Locker you can easily add social share buttons to your site. It helps the user to share/like in order to reveal page content.

It allows protecting the content of Page/Post in two different types. They are,
1) Social like & Social Share – Users should have to like or share to unlock content.
2) Social Sign-in – which locks the content until the user signs in through social networks.

Some of the key features offered by this plugin are listed below,
– Over 10 Social Networks
– Fully Responsive Social Buttons
– Latest use of APIs to fetch data
– Works with any WordPress Theme
– Fastest loading social buttons available
– CSS based social share buttons
– Show Social Counter
– Combination of Social Share, Like / Follow / Subscribe, Social Locker and Social Fan Counter

2. Content Locker

Content Locker plugin is a powerful tool which helps to improve your online business. The visitors should have to pay in order to see the content shared/posted by the social media users.

Key Features offered by this plugin are,
– It includes like, share and login option to read rest of the content
– Bring visitors from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond to increase the social traffic on your Website
– It helps to increase the commitment to keep visitors on the page longer

3. Easy Social Locker

Easy Social Locker plugin allows you to automatically lock any post, page, certain content/custom post type. It helps to hide your content and the only way to reveal the content is to like or share your page. It gives you more likes, shares, tweets.

Major Features are as follows,
– It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn
– Choose between like, share or like or share lock snippets
– Ability to generate unique URL addresses for like/share
– Automatic lock post, page or custom post types
– Hide like counter for all available networks
– Locks any type of content until the user shares it
– Using Shortcode you can lock the content
– Usage Statistics to track social activity

4. Super Social Content Locker

Super Social Content Locker plugin allows you to lock your content with different options such as follow or share us on social media, just play a game by voting, forced to watch your ad video etc. It supports three types of content[Image, URL/Link, Content] to unlock.

It can be used in two ways they are,
1. Sidebar Widget
2. Anywhere in website using SHORTCODE

Some of the key features offered are as follows,
– Follow us to unlock Content
– Rate us to unlock content
– Play an advertisement video to unlock content
– Become a member to unlock content

5. OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker plugin allows you to lock anything(Video, image, Content, etc) in your post or page behind a set of social buttons and automatically unlock it after a visitor has shared or liked your page. You have to select the part of the content that you want to lock which helps to improve the social performance of your site, build quality followers, get more likes/share etc.

Some of the key features of this plugin are,
– 3 Social Buttons supported are Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1
– Compatible with the Visual Composer
– You can identify which lockers on which pages are out-performing others
– You can set any URLs which will be used to share via your social lockers
– Fast loading with well optimized

6. Share Locker

Share Locker plugin is a premium plugin which allows you to hide your content on a page or post. If the visitor wants to view the content they should Share or Like the restricted page/post. It will help to bring traffic to your website.

Key features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Supports Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Twitter Share, Google+,
– Display Facebook, Twitter buttons in your language
– Lock any content type, text, HTML, images etc until the visitor decides to share or like your page
– You can use multiple lockers on the same page
– Works with posts and pages
– It refreshes the page automatically once the visitors have liked or shared
– No conflict with other social plugins

7. Real Content Locker

Real Content Locker is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to hide a content on a page or a post and automatically unlock it once the visitor has shared your page on the social networks. You can use the different description for each post while selecting the content you wish to block.

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