How to Setup Gift Card System in your WooCommerce Shop

Gift cards are gaining popularity in recent times as it is one of the most convenient ways of gifting. Using Gift cards, any user can purchase and send Gift cards to people of their choice.

What is a Gift Card?
A Gift Card is a redeemable code that is usually being sent by one person to another person. The person who is receiving a gift card will have to redeem their Gift Card on the site in order to buy the products they wish for free/get a discount based on the Gift Card value.

Benefits of Gift Cards
– Convenient Way for Gifting
– Users can buy products which they need using Gift Cards
– Provides insight into the future sales which can happen in your site
– It helps you to encourages your customers to make future purchases

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet
Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a premium wallet plugin which is available on Hoicker. Hoicker WooCommerce wallet allows your users to add funds to their digital wallet on the site and the funds available in the wallet can be used for making future purchases on the site.

How to Offer Gift Card Functionality in your WooCommerce Shop using Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet?
Gift Cards is one of the modules available within the Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet. It allows you to send Gift Cards to other users within the site / send gift cards to any valid email.

– A user should access the Gift Card Form.– The user has to fill in the Gift Card recipient email id and the name. The email need not be a valid user. Gift Card can be sent to any user with a valid email.
– The Gift Card amount has to be entered. The reason field is optional
– Once the send button is clicked, the user will be redirected to make the payment for the Gift Card.
– Upon successful payment, the recipient will receive the gift card via email

– If the recipient is an existing user of the site, the Gift Card will be visible in their Dashboard

– Once the user redeems the Gift Card, the amount will be added to the user’s wallet.

– Once the amount gets added to the wallet, it can be used for future purchases.

Features available in Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet – Gift Card Module

Gift Card Amount Type
Options available to select Gift Card amount type
– Predefined
– User-Defined
– Both

Min and Max Gift Card Amount
Option to set minimum and maximum Gift Card amount for User-Defined and Both of Gift Card amount types.

Gift Card Product
You create a new or existing product as a Gift Card.

Gift Card Expiry in days
It allows you to set the Gift Card Expiry date.

Order Status to Issue Gift Card
The order status to issue a Gift Card can be customized.

Payment Gateway for Gift Card
Option to set Payment Gateways for purchasing the Gift Card

Gift Card Settings
Options available to customize the Gift Card

Gift Card Messages
Customizable Gift Card Messages

Gift Card for frontend
Registered users can see their gift card details in their wallet dashboard.

How to setup Gift Card using Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

To access the plugin settings go to Wallet Premium -> Modules -> Gift Card and enable the module

– Access the settings by clicking the Settings button.
– Choose the option for Gift Card Amount Type to offer Gift Card
– Create or add existing product as Gift Card
– Fill in the name for the rule and click Add.
– Set days for Gift Card to expire
– Configure the settings based on your needs
– Once you have configured the rule, click the save changes button.

To know more details and to purchase please check out the Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet Plugin.

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