How to Offer Discounts using Wallet in your WooCommerce Shop?

During Online shopping, customers usually prefer sites which offer them the best price for the products. Offering discounts to your customers can motivate them to purchase products from your site.

Benefits of Offering Discounts
– Increases the site’s conversion rate
– Brings new users to your site
– Satisfied users will refer new users to your site

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet
Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a premium wallet plugin which is available on Hoicker. Hoicker WooCommerce wallet allows your users to add funds to their digital wallet on the site and the funds available in the wallet can be used for making future purchases on the site.

How to Offer Discounts in your WooCommerce Shop using Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet?
Discounts is one of the modules available within Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet. It allows you to offer discounts to your customers when they make payment for the orders on your site through the Wallet payment gateway.

– User adds the product(s) to their cart and proceeds to the checkout for making the payment.
– The user has sufficient funds in their wallet to place the order.

– The Wallet payment gateway is displayed as one of the available payment gateways.
– When the user chooses to pay with their wallet, a discount will be applied to the user’s cart total amount.

Cart Page

Checkout Page

– The discount will be removed if the user chooses to pay with any other payment gateway.

Advantages of offering Discounts through Hoicker WooCommerce wallet
– You can predict future sales which can happen in your site through your customer’s wallet balance.
– Your customers can quickly complete their purchase through Wallet Payment gateway. This can reduce cart abandonment.

Features available in Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet – Discounts Module

Discounts for Using Wallet payment gateway
You can offer discounts when your customers use the wallet payment gateway for making purchases on your site.

Unlimited Rules
It allows you to create unlimited rules to configure different conditions to offer discounts.

Rule Priority by configuring multiple rules
Options available to set rule priority to apply discounts. This option is applicable only when a discount value is matching with more than one rule configured.

User Filter
You can filter the user based on include, exclude user and user role to apply discounts

Product Filter
Product filter option available to set discounts for include, exclude product, category, etc

Purchase History
You can set purchase history based on the minimum number of successful orders or minimum amount spent on site.

Set date for discounts
Option to set the dates on which the discount will be valid. Also, you can offer discounts to your customers on specific days of the week.

Rule Priority
You can set rule priority based on First Matched Rule or Last Matched Rule or Minimum Discount Value or Maximum Discount Value.

Product Purchase Discount Criteria
Product purchase discount can be calculated based on
– Order Subtotal
– Order Total
You can set Minimum and Maximum Order Total for discount to apply. Also, an option to set discounts value as a percentage or fixed.

You can display the discount notice at cart and checkout. Also, you can customize the message as per your needs.

How to setup Discounts using Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

To access the plugin settings go to Wallet Premium -> Modules -> Discounts and enable the module.

– Access the settings by clicking the Settings button.

– In the Rule Configuration section click the Add Rule button.
– Fill in the name for the rule and click Add.
– Fill in the Rule name and configure the rule as per your preference.
– Select Order total or Order Subtotal option for Discounts based on.
– Configure the rule settings as per your needs.
– Once you have configured the rule, click the save changes button.
– Now, when a customer makes a purchase using the wallet payment gateway then the discount will apply based on your configurations.

To view more details and to purchase Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet click here

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