Best WooCommerce Savings Plan Plugins

Many customers have desire to purchase products on an online shop while looking at a product. But they end up without purchasing because of not having enough money to buy the product which means site admin is losing a sale. Savings Plan plugins can help you avoid this by giving customer the flexibility to save money for purchasing a product and they can get the product after paying the full amount for the product.

Advantages of using Savings Plan plugins on a WooCommerce shop
– Retain Customers
– Site admin is retaining a valuable customer who thought of abandoning the idea of purchasing the product.
– Big Purchases by Small Savings
– Customers can get their desired product by saving small amount each time as per their convenience. Finally they are getting big budget products without any finance issues.
– Attract New Customers
– By giving Save and Purchase feature, you can bring many new customers to the site

In this article, we can look into Best WooCommerce Savings Plan Plugins

As of now, there is only one Savings Plan plugin for WooCommerce which we can look into in detail in this article.

Savings Plan for WooCommerce
Savings Plan for WooCommerce is a premium plugin developed by Flintop.

Features Offered by this plugin

3 Types of Savings Plan Supported
1. Fixed Installment Plan
In this type, you can create plans with fixed duration and set frequency. For example, if the plan is configured with 12 Installments and frequency is set as 1 Month, then customer has to pay fixed amount each month for a total of 12 months. After 12 months, the plan will be completed and the customer can get the product.

2. Fixed Duration Plan
In this type, you can create plans with fixed duration. For example, if the plan is created with duration of 12 months, then customer can pay any number of times as per their wish, but they have to pay the total price of the product withing the 12 months and they can get the product.

3. Indefinite Duration
In this type, there is no limit in duration or amount. Customer can pay as per their wish any number of times. Customer will get the product once they have paid the total price of the product.

Automatic Payment Supported
If the plan is created with Fixed Installment, then it is possible to get automatic payments through Credit Card using WooCommerce Stripe Gateway. Customer has to just authorize during the initial payment and the future payments will be charged automatically from the customer account.

Automatic Order Fulfillment
When the Savings Plan for a product is completed for a customer, the plugin will automatically generate an order in order to process the delivery of the product.

Charge Shipping Cost after Plan Completion
You can ask your customers to pay the shipping cost once their Savings for the product gets completed. Shipping cost during that time will be charged from the customer.

Customers can manage their Savings in a Single Place
Customers can save for many products at a time and they can manage all their Savings in their My Account page. From their My Account Page, they can make the payment for their savings for each product individually.

Multiple Plans can be Created and Linked to a Product
You can create any number of plans as per your requirement and you can link multiple plans to a product. It is also possible to link different types of plan to a single product. Customers can choose a plan which is convenient for them from the list of plans which you have linked for the product.

Savings Plan Purchase can be given for Specific Users
It is possible to give option to purchase using Savings Plan only for specific users or user roles. Hence, you can give Save and Purchase feature only for certain users.

Payment Reminder Emails can be sent
If the plan is a limited duration plan, then it is possible to send payment reminder notification email for the customers to remind them before the due date.

Admin can Manage Plan Purchases in a Single Place
Site admin can easily manage and track all the Savings Plan purchases on the site and check the status of the purchase.

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