Top 4 Best WooCommerce Point of Sale(POS) Plugins

WooCommerce Point of Sale is a store management system that will help to manage single or multiple retail outlets and WooCommerce online store. Inventory will update in both sites when the customer purchased a product through online or in a physical store.

– It gives effective customer management for both physical and online store by synchronization
– You can add bar-codes to the products for your WooCommerce shop.
– You can follow the customer based on registers
– It works with both online and offline store, with the feature to synchronize all the sales and customer data of the offline store with the online store.

In this article, we have listed TOP 4 Best WooCommerce POS Plugins which are as follows,

1. WooCommerce POS
2. WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)
3. Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)
4. Lightspeed POS Integration

1. WooCommerce POS

WooCommerce POS is a free plugin using which you can take orders at the Point of Sale on your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce POS makes the shopping comfortable to the customers and no need to sync the inventory of the products.

Some of the important features are listed below,
– Customers can search the products quickly by the option fast product search
– Allows barcode scanning
– You can designate products as POS Only products
– It allows you to set the cost for shipment of the products
– You can add fees and choose a tax rate.

2. WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

WooCommerce Point of Sale is a premium plugin developed by actualityextensions. This plugin gives flexibility where you can customize your registers, outlets, and product grids for WooCommerce store. Meta labels are used to identify the products easily.

Features offered by this plugin are listed below,
– You can add meta fields such as Size and Color to the product
– It allows to print barcodes for your products and scan them to sell quickly and efficiently
– You can track the special customer request by adding it as a note to the order
– Admin can set discount and coupons to the product based on their local currency
– Decimal stocks are available for your weight based products
– You can set the register to automatically print and email receipts
– You can add shipping details to the order straight from the register
– It allows currency rounding for your sales
– It allows you to change the quantity of the products

3. Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce is a premium plugin developed by webkul. It provides functionality for the store owners to manage the online store along with the physical stores. Assigning an agent for the physical store to manage the sales. The front end of the physical store is accessed by the admin to monitor the sales. It works both online and offline store.

Some of the Notable Features offered by this plugin are listed below,
– It allows creating multiple store outlets for the online store
– Physical store agents can add new customers from their panel
– Offline mode is available for physical store
– It involves hassle-free payment and checkout system
– Admin can view POS sales report according to date, product, category and coupon code
– It allows POS agents to select the currency for the store. Also, they can hold the cart to process it after some time
– It allows admin to see the reports for products sales, stock, and tax

4. Lightspeed POS Integration

Lightspeed POS Integration is a WooCommerce Premium plugin. It allows you to connect WooCommerce store and Lightspeed Point of Sale account and keep inventory in sync. Stock quantity will update in WooCommerce when a new sale comes in via your Point of Sale system. Also, Lightspeed Retail account will update the inventory numbers when a new order arrives via WooCommerce.

Key Features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– You can import and sync products from Lightspeed Point of Sale
– You can trigger manual product sync by either visiting your Lightspeed import page
– It allows setting the default state of an imported product
– You can now select which product properties should get updated for WooCommerce products that are actively being synced

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