Best WooCommerce Mystery Gift Box Plugin

Mystery Gift Box for WooCommerce is a Premium plugin developed by Flintop. This plugin can be used on a WooCommerce shop to sell loot boxes. Customer will know which product they are getting in the mystery box only after purchasing the mystery gift box.

Benefits of Using Mystery Gift Box for WooCommerce Plugin on a WooCommerce Shop

Increases Average Order Value
Offering a mystery gift box full of prizes can trigger customers to add to their carts, thereby increasing the Average Order Value.

Sell Unsold Products
You can use a mystery gift box to sell unsold products in your shop and bring in additional revenue to the site.

Convert Potential Prospects to Customers
A mystery gift box may be the right hook you need to convert a new customer.

Some of the features offered by Mystery Gift Box for WooCommerce plugin is as follows,

3 Types of Algorithms to Give Gift Products
This plugin supports 3 types of algorithms in order to give gift products for customers when they purchase a mystery gift box.
1. Completely Random
2. Current Stock
3. Priority

1. Completely Random
In this algorithm, the gift product will be chosen randomly by the plugin and will be given to the customers.

2. Current Stock
In this algorithm, the gift product will be chosen based on the current available stock of the gift products. The plugin compares the available stock of all the gift products which the admin have set for the mystery gift box and the gift product with the highest available stock will be given for the customer.

3. Priority
In this algorithm, site admin has to define a priority for each gift product for the mystery gift box. The gift product with the highest priority will be given for the customer first until the stock is reduced to 0.

Number of Gift Products can be Customized
Predefine Number of Products to Gift for One Mystery Gift Box Purchase
Site admin can define how many gift products to give for a customer when they purchase a Mystery Gift Box.

Automatically Generate Gift Product Order
When a customer successfully purchase a Mystery Gift Box Product, the plugin will automatically generate an order with the gift product linked so that admin can easily process and deliver the gift product to the customer.

Automatically Sent Acknowledgment Email to Customers
The plugin will automatically notify customer with the list of gift products they will be receiving after purchasing a Mystery Gift Box product.

Show Specific Payment Methods for Mystery Gift Box Orders
It is possible to show only specific payment methods in checkout if the customer adds Mystery Gift Box Product to their cart. In this way, you can disable postpaid payment methods and only get prepaid payments from the customers.

Gift Product Price Range can be Shown
It is possible to show the price range of the available gift products in a Mystery Gift Box. This way, customer will come to know the value of the products which they receive if they buy the Mystery Gift Box. If you don’t want to relieve the price details, then you can hide the price range.

Available Gift Products can be Shown
If your requirement is to display the list of products which the customer may get when purchasing the Mystery Gift Box, then you can show all the available products. If you don’t want to relieve the gift products inside the Mystery Gift Box, then you can hide it.

Mystery Gift Box Products can be Available for Specific Users
It is possible to give Mystery Gift Box Products available only for specific users or user roles. You can also give/restrict Mystery Gift Box Products for Guest users.

Limit Customers to Purchase Certain Number of a Mystery Gift Box Product
Site admin can limit the Mystery Gift Box Purchase per product per customer. It is also possible to give it without any limit for the customers.

Admin can Manage all the Mystery Gift Box Orders in a Single Place
Site admin can manage all the Mystery Gift Box purchases in a single place and easily process the Gift Products to the customers.

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