Top 3 Best WooCommerce Crowdfunding Plugins

Do you want to run Crowdfunding Campaigns / Allow your users to create Crowdfunding Campaigns and raise funds in your WooCommerce Shop?. Then, WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugins will be of great use to you.

In this article, we have listed Top 3 Best WooCommerce Crowdfunding Plugins which are as follows,

1. Crowdfunding Pro for WooCommerce
2. Crowdfunding for WooCommerce
3. WP Crowdfunding

1. Crowdfunding Pro for WooCommerce

Crowdfunding Pro for WooCommerce is a premium plugin developed by Flintop. Using this plugin you can run Crowdfunding Campaigns on your WooCommerce store. It has two types of campaign charging,

(i) Charge contribution immediately.
(ii) Charge contribution on campaign completion.

Features offered by this plugin are listed below,

1. Campaign ending methods
– End when the campaign reaches its goal amount
– End on a specified date
– End on reaching goal amount or a date

2. Campaign types
– Fundraising campaign
– Product purchase campaign
– Project funding campaign

3. Contribution amount input methods
– Editable textbox
– Non-editable textbox
– Predefined buttons
– Predefined list box

4. Contribution amounts can be sent to the campaign creator directly from the site

5. Min/max/recommended contribution

6. It support members and guests to contribute

2. Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

Crowdfunding for WooCommerce is a free plugin. Using this plugin, you can enable Crowdfunding on your WooCommerce site. It allows you to enable crowdfunding by adding or editing a product. You can enable crowdfunding for each product individually by assigning Goal amount, Start and end dates, Custom “Back This Project” (i.e. “Add to Cart”) button labels and Enable “Open Pricing” (i.e. “Name Your Price”) functionality.

Some of the important features are listed below,
– Allow customers to add their custom campaign directly from the frontend
– You can set custom HTML to show when the project started and/or ended
– You can modify and choose where to display crowdfunding info, that is goal remaining, time remaining, already pledged etc
– It allows you to choose when and if to end the campaign
– You can choose which order statuses to count in pledged calculations.
– Email can be customized
– Shortcodes to display the crowdfunding data

3. WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a free WooCommerce based plugin. It allows you to create crowdfunding campaigns in your existing WooCommerce Shop.

It offers some major features which are listed below,
– It has a frontend project form submission for users
– Option to assign Project start and end date
– Option to set a featured image and video
– It allows you to set a minimum & maximum price
– You can define a recommended price

Check out the PRO version which offers more features.

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