How to Offer Buy One Get One(BOGO) in your WooCommerce Shop

Buy One Get One also known as BOGO is one of the most commonly used marketing strategies worldwide both in Online and Offline Stores to get more sales. In this article, we will cover the following,

1. What is Buy One Get One (BOGO)
2. Benefits of Buy One Get One
3. Common Use Cases of Buy One Get One
4. How to Offer Buy One Get One in your WooCommerce Shop

What is Buy One Get One (BOGO)
Buy One Get One(BOGO) is a marketing strategy in which the customers receive a product for free when they purchase a specified product. One point to note is that Buy One Get One offers need not necessarily always be Buy 1 Get 1. Some of the common ways in which this offer method is being used are as follows
– Buy 1 Get 1
– Buy 2 Get 1
– Buy 3 Get 2
– Etc
Generally, Buy One Get One(BOGO) offers can be extended as Buy X Get Y.

Benefits of Buy One Get One
– Creates a sense of urgency to your customers which will result in more sales.
– Your customers feel they are getting more value for the amount they spend in your shop.
– Helps you to sell unsold products.
– Increases customer’s loyalty and loyal customers often refer new customers to your shop.

Common Use Cases of Buy One Get One
Some of the common use cases of Buy One Get One Marketing Strategy
– Buy a Mobile Phone and Get a Mobile Case for Free.
– Buy 2 Shirts and Get 1 Shirt Free.
– Buy 3 Trousers and Get 2 Trousers Free.
– Get One Quantity Free for Every 5 Quantities Purchased.

How to Offer Buy One Get One in your WooCommerce Shop?

Free Gifts for WooCommerce plugin is a premium plugin which is available in In this plugin, you can setup and Offer Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offers in your WooCommerce Shop.

How to setup Buy One Get One offer using Free Gifts for WooCommerce
– Navigate to WooCommerce -> Free Gifts – > Rules
– Click the “Add New Rule” button
– In the “Rule Type” option, choose “Buy X Get Y(Buy One Get One)

– If you are planning to provide the offer on the same product i.e Buy 1 Quantity and Get 1 Quantity of the same product for free, then in “Gift Product Type” option, choose “Same Product”. If you are planning to provide the offer on a different product, then in “Gift Product Type” option choose “Different Products”.

– In the “Buy Product” option, search and select the product which your customer should purchase to receive the offer.
– If your “Gift Product Type” is set to “Different Products”, then you may have to select the product which your customers will receive for free in the “Get Product(s)” option.
– In the “Buy Quantity” and “Get Quantity” set the quantities which your customers should Purchase and the quantities which they will be receiving for free.
– If you want to repeat the offer every time your customers meet the requirement, then enable the “Repeat Gift” option.

Buy 1 Get 1 without repeat gift will offer only one quantity as free irrespective of how many quantities the user purchases.
Buy 1 Get 1 with repeat gift will offer one quantity as free for every quantity purchased.

How your Customers can avail your Buy One Get One Offer?
– Customer adds one quantity of a product to the cart which is linked to a Buy One Get One Offer.
– Once the product is added to the cart, the Free Quantity of the product will be automatically added to the cart.
– The user will only have to pay for 1 quantity while they receive 2 quantities.

Other Features which are available in Free Gifts for WooCommerce
– It allows you to create unlimited gift rules
– It allows you to set start and end date for Buy One Get One offer
– You can set restrictions on the number of orders the Buy One Get One Offer should be valid
– You can also place additional restrictions for Buy One Get Offer based on Cart Total or Order Total
– You can place user restrictions so that you can control which users are eligible to receive the offer.

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