SUMO Subscriptions – Powerful WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

SUMO Subscriptions is a Powerful WooCommerce Subscription Plugin. It is also one of the Best and Most Comprehensive WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin for setting up WooCommerce Recurring Payments. Over 80 points to know more about SUMO Subscriptions.

List of 80+ Points about SUMO Subscriptions

Product Types Supported

1. Supports Simple Product, Variable Product and Grouped Product


WooCommerce Subscription Product Purchase

2. Multiple non-subscription products can be purchased together as a single subscription using order subscriptions

3. Subscription duration, recurrence cycle and number of installments for order subscriptions can be preconfigured by site admin or the customer can choose the same

4. Subscription and non-subscription products can be purchased in a single checkout


WooCommerce Subscription Product Configuration

5. Subscription price and Subscription duration can be set

6. Free Trial can be offered for Subscriptions

7. Paid Trial Supported

8. Sign-up fee can be set in order to charge a one time fee

9. Number of installments for a subscription can be configured

10. Variable Products can be used to setup One Time Purchase/Purchase as a Subscription Product using a single subscription product


WooCommerce Subscription Synchronization

11. Subscription renewals can be synchronized for charging on a particular date and month

12. Quarterly, half-yearly, annual subscription renewals can be charged on a specific date

13. When Synchronization is enabled, the Subscription amount can be prorated and the option to make the payment during the first payment or during first renewal.


Renewal Order Customization

14. Option to include shipping cost in renewal orders

15. Option to include tax cost in renewal orders

16. Option to apply coupon code discounts in renewal orders which the subscriber used in the initial order

17. Coupon code discounts for renewal orders can be restricted to specific users/user roles

18. Coupon code discounts for renewal orders can be restricted to fixed number of renewals

19. Time before due date for creating the renewal orders can be customized

20. Multiple payment reminder emails can be sent

21. Time duration to send the payment reminder emails can be customized


Automatic and Manual Subscription Renewals

22. Subscribers can choose to preapprove for automatic subscription renewals

23. Automatic subscription renewal using PayPal subscriptions API

24. Inbuilt PayPal Reference Transaction gateway for automatic subscription renewals

25. Inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Payment gateway for automatic subscription renewal

26. Inbuilt Stripe Payment gateway for automatic subscription renewal

27. Automatic Subscription renewal using SUMO Reward Points Payment gateway (requires SUMO Reward Points plugin)

28. Payment Gateways included within SUMO Subscriptions can be used for making payments to non-subscription orders

29. Option for site admin to force automatic subscription renewals when inbuilt payment gateways are used

30. Option for the customer to choose automatic subscription renewals when using the inbuilt payment gateways

31. Subscription renewal payments can be paid using any WooCommerce supported payment gateway

32. Separate email templates for manual subscription renewal and automatic subscription renewal

33. Subscribers can switch between automatic subscription renewal and manual subscription renewal


Payment Failure Settings

34. Supports payment overdue

35. Duration for payment overdue can be configured

36. When the automatic charging preapproval is revoked by the user, site admin has the option to configure such that subscriptions should be cancelled/changed to manual payment mode

37. Number of attempts to charge automatic payment during overdue and suspend status can be customized

38. When the automatic subscription goes to cancel because of failed payment, site admin has the option to configure such that subscriptions should be cancelled/changed to manual payment mode


Subscription Trial and Quantity Restrictions

39. Subscribers can purchase multiple quantities of the same subscription product

40. Subscription for each user can be limited by no limit, one active subscription per product and one active subscription throughout the site

41. Subscription trial for each user can be limited by no limit, one trial per product and one trial throughout the site

42. Subscription and trial limit restrictions can be applied for variable products at product level as well as variant level


Admin Additional Capabilities


43. Site admin can manually create an order with subscription and assign to any user

44. Site admin can allow subscriber to cancel their subscriptions

45. Minimum waiting time a subscriber has to wait in order to cancel their subscriptions can be customized

46. Site admin can pause/resume any subscription

47. Site admin can allow customers to pause their subscriptions

48. Maximum number of pauses per subscription can be configured

49. Maximum pause duration can be configured

50. Site admin can allow customer to switch their subscription between identical variations for variable subscription products

51. Admin can modify the renewal price of the subscriptions

52. Admin can change the renewal date of subscriptions


Advanced Customization Options

53. Site admin can view the list of subscriptions purchased on the site

54. Settings of subscription products can be bulk updated using “Bulk Update”

55. “Master Log” to record all the transactions throughout the site

56. Features can be enabled/disabled as per your preference

57. Highly customizable

58. Site admin can view the list of subscriptions purchased on the site

59. Log history for each subscription is captured and listed in each subscription page

60. Multiple email templates available for multiple purposes

61. Extensive list of shortcodes

62. WPML compatible

63. Translation ready

SUMO Subscriptions Compatibility

a. SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

64. Reward points can be awarded for purchasing subscriptions

65. Reward points for subscription renewals can be awarded/restricted based on admin option

66. Earned reward points can be used to get discount for subscriptions

67. SUMO Reward Points Payment gateway can be used for making manual subscription renewals

68. Users can preapprove automatic subscription renewal in SUMO Reward Points gateway. so that, available points will be automatically deducted from the account during renewal

b. SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System

69. Affiliate commissions can be awarded for subscription purchases

70. Affiliate commissions for subscription renewals can be awarded/restricted based on admin option

71. Subscription product can be assigned as membership plan access product so that subscription will handle with recurring payment for membership plans

72. Based on subscription status access to membership plans will be controlled.

c. SUMO Donations – WooCommerce Donation System

73. Running a recurring donations module is possible when a subscription product is set as donation product

iv. WooCommerce Product Add-ons

74. Add-on fee will be added in renewal orders

Use Case Scenarios

75. Order subscriptions

Monthly provisions: User can add various products to the same cart and finally in checkout they can set the entire order as subscription

76. Subscription with sign up/set up fee

If you are providing a digital service which requires payment to be made on a recurring basis then this option may suit you. Because you can charge initial sign up/set up fee and the renewals can be charged separately

77. Subscription with free trial

If you are planning to start an online course which provides a free trial for a few days then this option may suit you

78. Subscription with paid trial

If you are planning to start an Online newspaper which provides paid trial for 7 days and after that normal subscription, then this option may help

79. Subscription synchronization

If you want to charge subscription payments on the first of every month, then this feature may be helpful

80. Trial restrictions

– Users can be prevented from subscribing to multiple trials at the same time
– Users can be restricted to avail only one trial per site

81. Quantity restrictions

If you want to run a Hosting Service, you may want to have a restriction where the same plan cannot be purchased twice. Quantity restriction may be helpful to achieve your requirement.

82. Use case scenario: Subscription switching

Socks subscriptions i.e, the subscription duration and the price will be same but the user might feel to switch between colors

83. Coupon code discount in renewal order

If you want to offer your subscribers a discount in their renewal orders, then this option may be helpful

84. Coupon code discount for specific user role

If you want to give coupon code discount for VIP subscribers (specific user role) then you can achieve using this.

85. Payment failure scenarios

  • If payment is not successful, then the user is given additional time with access to subscription for making the payment (overdue period)
  • If payment is not successful, then the user is given additional time without access to subscription for making the payment(suspend)
  • If payment is not successful with suspend status for automatic payments, then subscription can be switched to manual payment mode/the Subscription will become cancelled

For more information check out the Review of SUMO Subscription on WP Mayor. You can purchase SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscriptions at codecanyon.

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