How to Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment is the main reason for losing sales. But it is easy to recover WooCommerce Abandoned Cart using a plugin thereby recovering the lost sales. Let’s discuss more in detail about cart abandonment problem and the ways to recover the abandoned cart in the WooCommerce shop.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment

In a WooCommerce environment, if a user adds products to cart and left the site without completing the purchase, then that process is termed as WooCommerce Cart Abandonment.

There are several reasons for a cart abandonment to occur on a WooCommerce shop. What ever may be the reason, the result will be the same. i.e. revenue loss for the site owner. According to a report from Business Insider, nearly 70% of the visitors who visit an e-commerce shop do not complete their purchase. Yes, you read that right, More than half of the visitors are not completing their purchase, which results in cart abandonment. If you are not aware of this then, it’s time for you to make a decision.

Reasons for WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

1. Customer Unexpectedly left the site

Accidentally, if the customer closes the browser or leaves the site for some reason then, there is a very less chance that the customer will come back and complete the purchase.

2. Internet Connectivity Problems

During the checkout process, if the network gets disconnected, then the checkout process may be interrupted.

3. Postponing the Purchase

The customer may Postpone their purchase due to a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include offline distractions, change of mind, etc.

4. Unexpected Product Price

Frequent change in the Product’s Price may affect the customer’s decision to buy the product.

5. Product Price Comparison

Customers often compare the price offered for the product sold on your site with the same one sold on competitor sites which may lead to cart abandonment if they find a better deal.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

The best way to recover an abandoned cart is by a sending follow-up email. Because, the cart abandonment may have happened due to various reasons, and the customers may still wish to complete their abandoned purchase. Offering a convenient way to complete the purchase will help your customers and also help the site admin in earning additional revenue.

If you wish to increase your conversion rate, offering your customers with discount coupons may motivate them to complete the abandoned purchase, which results in increased cart recovery.

With the problems and the solution for WooCommerce Cart Abandonment being said, Now you need a plugin that works automatically and makes your involvement less in this problem. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart by Fantastic Plugins is one such plugin which helps you to overcome the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment problem.

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Some of the notable features offered by WooCommerce Recovered cart are listed below.

1. Works for Members and Guests

For Members, the cart will be captured as soon as the customer adds the product to the cart. For Guest, the cart will be captured after the user enters their email id on the checkout page.

2. Highly Customizable Email Templates

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Email Templates provides various email sending restrictions. Some of them are

1. Recovery emails should be sent for orders greater than $100
2. Recovery emails should be sent if the quantity of the Product Abandoned is greater than 50

3. Automatically Send Cart Recovery Emails

Abandoned Cart emails will be automatically sent to the users once the captured cart becomes abandoned. The captured cart will be considered as abandoned once it has crossed the threshold time for inactivity in the site.

4. Multiple Follow-up Emails

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart supports sending of multiple follow-up emails. The time duration for sending each follow-up email can be customized.

5. Manual Emails

Manual cart recovery emails can be sent for any abandoned cart. This may come in handy if the user hasn’t clicked the automatic cart recovery email.

6. Autogenerated Coupon Codes

Autogenerated Coupon Codes can be sent in the cart recovery emails. This will motivate the buyers to complete the abandoned purchase.

7. Advanced Reports

Information on Number of Carts Captured, Carts Abandoned, Carts Recovered, Total Amount Recovered and more are available.

Now that you know about WooCommerce Cart Abandonment and How to recover the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart, you should be able to increase the revenue by recovering the lost sales in your WooCommerce Shop.

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