SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

Reward Points/Loyalty Points

Reward Points otherwise known as Loyalty Points can be awarded to buyers every time they sign up for an account, purchase, social promotion, refer new buyers, review a product, etc. The earned points can be redeemed to get a discount on future purchases.

When a new user makes a purchase on an e-commerce site, the possibility of that user making the second purchase depends on many factors out of which Reward Points / Loyalty Points is one of the main factors. If the Buyer receives reward points during the purchase, it is more likely that they will make their next purchase to redeem the points earned and earn more points.

Benefits of Reward Points

  • Customer Retention rate will be more because users who have earned Reward Points often tend to make repeated purchases in order to earn more Reward Points or use their accumulated reward points
  • Loyal Customers often refer your site to their friends and relatives which will bring new buyers to the site
  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Increases your average customer lifetime value
  • Can reduce your Promotion cost as loyal buyers will make repeated purchases and also refer new buyers
  • Helps in building a close relationship with your customers
  • Makes your customers happy

SUMO Reward Points

SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System is the most comprehensive and one of the best WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin. It is also one of the most popular WooCommerce Marketing Plugin. Award points to your Customers for Account Sign Up, Purchasing Products, Referring Users to the Site, Writing Reviews, Creating Blog Posts, etc., using SUMO Reward Points plugin. The Earned Reward Points can be used to make discounts in future purchases. SUMO Reward Points supports Simple Products, Simple Subscription, Variable Products and Variable Subscription.

Check out the SUMO Reward Points Demo for more info.


  • Reward Points for Account Sign up
  • Reward Points for Product Purchase
  • Reward Points for Promoting Products on Social Networks
  • Reward Points for Referring New Users
  • Reward Points for Reviewing a Product
  • Reward Points for Creating Blog Posts
  • Reward Points for Commenting on Blog Posts
  • Earn Reward Points by clicking a link
  • Award Points through Gift Vouchers
  • Users can buy Reward Points
  • Users can buy Products either using Cash or Points
  • Products can be priced with Points
  • Inbuilt Payment Gateway for paying with Points
  • Points can be calculated based on discounted price
  • Reward Points Earning can be restricted for Products with Sale Price
  • Product Purchase Reward Points can be Nominated to other Users
  • Points earned can be sent to other users
  • Reward Points can be set based on Member level/Earning Points Level
  • Quick Setup/Advanced Setup option to configure the points
  • Expiry Date for Points can be set
  • Conversion Rate for Earning and Redeeming Reward Points can be Set
  • Minimum and Maximum Cart Total for Earning/Redeeming Points can be set
  • Minimum and Maximum Points to redeem can be set
  • Users can be Prevented from Earning and Redeeming Reward Points
  • Redeeming of Points can be restricted to certain Products/Categories
  • Points can be manually added/removed
  • Customers can exchange their Points for Money
  • SMS notification can be sent to users about the Reward Points Earned/Redeemed
  • Email notification can be sent to users about the Reward Points Earned/Redeemed
  • Separate table to manage the points of all users in the site
  • Separate table to manage the list of referrals in the site
  • Reward Points can be manually Imported/Exported in the Site
  • Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions
  • Compatible with SUMO Memberships
  • Compatible with SUMO Discounts and Advanced Pricing
  • Compatible with SUMO Coupons
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart
  • Works with SUMO Donations
  • Extensive list of Short-codes
  • Extensive Customization Option
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML Compatible
  • And More

Where to Purchase SUMO Reward Points?

  • You can purchase SUMO Reward Points on codecanyon
  • Once you have completed the purchase, the Plugin will be available in Downloads Tab in your Account Dashboard.

How to Install SUMO Reward Points?

  • Download SUMO Reward Points from your Codecanyon Account
  • Extract the downloaded zip file
  • Within the extracted folder, you will find which is the actual plugin file
  • Install SUMO Reward Points ( using WordPress Dashboard

How to access SUMO Reward Points Settings Page?

There are two ways to access the settings Page

1. Access from Plugin Welcome Page
2. Access from WordPress Dashboard

1. Access from Plugin Welcome Page

Once the Plugin is activated, you will be redirected to the Welcome Page. In that Page, you will find a link to the Plugin settings page.

2. Access from WordPress Dashboard

Link to SUMO Reward Points settings page can be found within WooCommerce Menu.

How to customize the Color Scheme of the Plugin Settings?

SUMO Reward Points comes with two Color Schemes.

1. Dark Color Scheme
2. Light Color Scheme

1. Dark Color Scheme

2. Light Color Scheme


SUMO Reward points consist of many Modules. Some of the modules are listed below

1. Product Purchase
2. Referral System
3. Social Reward Points
4. Action Reward Points
5. Gift Voucher
6. Point URL
7. Redeeming Points
8. Points Price
9. Reward Points Payment Gateway
10. Cash Back
11. Nominee
12. Send Points

Modules can be turned On/Off. A screenshot of the Modules configuration page is shown below for your reference. In this Image, the activated Modules are displayed in Orange color.

How to Get Support?

Please check the Support tab in the Plugin settings to get more info on support.

Please check the article Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards – SUMO Reward Points to know more about how SUMO Reward Points works.

For more information, please visit SUMO Reward Points.

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