How to Offer Cashback in your WooCommerce Shop?

Offering cashback to customers is one of the successful and widely practiced marketing strategies worldwide. Offering cashback has the following benefits,

Benefits of Offering Cashback
– Increases your customer’s loyalty
– Encourages your customers to make future purchases
– Customers fell that they are paying less for the products they purchase on your site
– Brings new users to your site
– Improves in overall sales

How Cashback Works?
– Let us say a customer completes a purchase in your shop for $100.
– Once the purchase is successful, a part of the purchase amount say $10(5% of the total purchase) will be given back to the customer.
– This cashback amount will be credited to the customer as a wallet balance.
– This cashback amount can be used by the customer in future purchases.

How to Offer Cashback in your WooCommerce Shop?
Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet is a premium wallet plugin in which Cashback is one of the modules. You can use this cashback module to offer cashback in the WooCommerce site.

Features available in Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet – Cashback Module

Cashback Actions
Using the cashback module, you can offer cashback for the following actions
(i). Product Purchase
(ii). Wallet Top-up

(i). Product Purchase
Cashback will be awarded to the customer if their purchase amount matches with the cashback rule.

(ii). Wallet Top-up
Cashback will be awarded to the customer if their wallet top-up amount matches with the cashback rule.

Cashback Modes
(i). With Promocode
(ii). Without Promocode

(i). With Promocode
Cashback will be awarded to customers only when they apply the promocode in the order.

(ii). Without Promocode
Cashback will be awarded after successful product purchase / Wallet Top-up.

Multiple Rules
Unlimited Cashback rules can be configured in advance.

Cashback Validity
You can set validity for each cashback rule. You can also offer cashback to your customers on specific days of the week.

Product Purchase Cashback Criteria
Product purchase cashback can be calculated based on
– Order Subtotal
– Order Total

Apart from that, Minimum and Maximum Total for cashback can also be set.

Rule Priority
You can set rule priority based on First Matched Rule or Last Matched Rule or Minimum Cashback Value or Maximum Cashback Value.

Order Status to Issue Cashback
The order status to issue cashback can be customized.

How to setup Cashback using Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet
To access the plugin settings go to Wallet Premium -> Modules -> Cashback and enable the module.

– Access the settings by clicking the Settings button.

– Choose whether you want to offer cashback with/without promocode.
– In the Rule Configuration section click the Add Rule button
– Fill in the name for the rule and click Add.
– Fill in the Rule name and configure the rule as per your preference.
– In the Cashback for option select the action to offer cashback i.e For Product Purchase / Wallet Top-up.
– Once you have configured the rule, click the save changes button.
– Now, when a customer makes a purchase / adds funds to the wallet, the cashback amount will be credited to the user’s wallet.

– The user can also view the cashback received in a separate section within the wallet dashboard.


To know more details and to purchase please check out the  Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet Plugin.

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