FLIN Bookings – Feature-Rich Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

FLIN Bookings is a Feature-Rich Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin which can help you to set up an Online Appointment Booking System in your WordPress Site.

Appointment Booking Process in FLIN Bookings

  • A User lands on the appointment booking page. There the user will have to select the Service, Staff and the Preferred Appointment Date and Time.
  • In the next step, the available time slots will be listed. The user will have to select a time slot.
  • Once the time is selected, the user has to proceed to the next step to fill in their details.
  •  Once the user fills in the details, they will have to proceed to the next step to make the payment.
  • Once the payment is successful, the booking details will be displayed to the user.
  • The appointment will be listed in a calendar view to the site admin.

  • Logged-In users can view their past and upcoming appointments from a customer facing dashboard.

FLIN Bookings Modules

FLIN Bookings comes bundled with 11 Modules which can be used to enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the Appointment Booking Process. The modules are as follows,

– WooCommerce
– Customer Defined Duration
– Persons
– Service Extra
– Service Scheduling
– Important Days
– Custom Fields
– Staff Cabinet
– Coupons
– PayPal Payouts

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce Module allows your users to pay for their appointments using the WooCommerce payment gateways.

WooCommerce Appointment Booking Process Workflow

– A user has to select their preferred service, staff, date and time of the appointment.

– Once selected, they have to proceed to the next step where they will have to choose a time slot from the list of available time slots.

– In the next step, they will have to fill in their details and then proceed to make the payment.

– In the payment step, the cost of the appointment will be displayed. The user has to click the “Next” button to proceed to make the payment.

– Once the user clicks the “Next” button, the user will be redirected to the WooCommerce cart page where a product will be added to cart. The cost of the appointment will be set as the product’s price.

– The user has to proceed to the checkout page and then make the payment. Once the order has been placed, an appointment will be created.

2. Customer Defined Duration

Generally, your customers/users can book only a fixed duration appointment. This duration is pre-defined by the Site Admin. If the customer/user wanted to modify/increase the appointment duration, they will have to book the consecutive time slots in multiple bookings.

Customer Defined Duration Module allows your users to choose the duration of their appointment. So that your users need not have to book multiple appointments.

Customer Defined Duration Module Workflow


– A Law Consultation Firm wants their clients to book an online appointment before visiting them in person.

– The standard consultation duration is 1 hour and the cost for the appointment is $25.

– The Law Firm also allows its clients to choose their own consultation duration. If the clients increase the duration, price should be modified accordingly.


– A user wants to book an appointment for 3 Hours. for that, they will have to select the Service, Staff, Consultation Duration and their preferred timings.

– In the next step, the available time slots will be displayed. The user has to select a convenient time slot.

– Let’s say if the user has chosen 10:00 AM slot and they need a 3-hour consultation, then 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM slot will be allocated for this user.

– Once the time slot is chosen, the user has to proceed to make the payment to confirm their appointment.

3. Persons

Online appointments are usually booked by the person who requires the appointment. If your site allows “Appointment Booking for Multiple Persons”, then Persons Module may be helpful.

Persons Module Workflow

– A user wants to book a doctor’s appointment for his family members.

– The consultation cost for one person is $10.

– The user will have to select the Service, Staff, number of persons who need an appointment and their preferred time.

– In the next steps, the user has to choose a time slot, fill in their details and then proceed to make the payment to confirm their appointment.

– The Price for the appointment will be calculated as follows

Cost of the Appointment = Cost for one Person * Number of Persons

4. Service Extras

If you want to offer additional Add-On Services to your customers during the appointment booking process, then Service Extras Module can be used to configure your requirement.

Service Extras Module Workflow

– A user wants to book an appointment for a Haircut in a Saloon. So, he selects the service, staff and the preferred time.

– In the next step, the user sees a Special Hair Oil which is presented as Extras and can be purchased along with the appointment.

– If the user chooses to purchase the Extras, they will have to pay for the Hair Oil along with the appointment cost.

– In the next steps, the user has to select the time, fill in their details and then proceed to make the payment.

5. Service Schedule

Generally, the service timings are decided based on the Staff’s availability. So, assigning a staff to more than one service may not be possible. This is because there will be an overlap in work timings. With the Service Schedule Module, you can set the work timings for each service. So that the same staff can be assigned to multiple services without any overlap in work timings.

6. Important Days

Important Days Module allows you to modify the existing working hours, service duration and days off for all the services and staff members from one place. Important Days Module may be helpful In the following cases,

– Special Holidays

– Shorten/Increase the available booking slots on certain days

7. Custom Fields

During the appointment booking process, the user needs to fill in their basic details. The basic details includes the following,

– First Name
– Last Name
– Email
– Phone Number
– Notes

If you wanted to capture additional information from your users apart from the above-mentioned details, Then Custom Fields Module can be helpful.

The Custom Fields Module has the following input fields which can be used to obtain additional user details. The input fields available in this module are as follows,

– Text
– Textarea
– Number
– Datepicker
– Select Box
– Multi-Select
– Checkbox
– Radio Button

8. Staff Cabinet

When a customer/user books an appointment, that appointment is assigned to a staff who is going to manage that appointment. By default, the availability and the working hours of the staff members have to be managed by the site admin.

With the Staff Cabinet Module, Staff Members will be able to do the following without having to log-in to the admin dashboard.

– View their appointments
– View and edit their basic details
– View all the services in which they are linked
– Edit the price of the service
– Manage their days off
– Modify their working hours
– Modify their commission percentage(PayPal Payouts Module is required)

9. Coupons

FLIN Bookings Coupon Module allows you to provide discounts to your customers/users for the appointments which they book in your site. The following features are available in the coupon Module,

– Prefix and Suffix Customization
– Coupon can be generated as Numeric Coupons/Alphanumeric Coupons
– Coupon length customization
– The number of coupon codes to be created can be customized
– Usage limit per coupon
– Coupons can be restricted to specific services
– Coupons can be restricted to specific users
– Coupon validity customization
– Discount can be offered as Fixed Discount/Percentage Discount

10. PayPal Payouts

FLIN Bookings provides an option for the Site Admin to directly pay their Staff Members via PayPal without having to leave the site.


– Payout Commission Rate has to be configured for all the Staff Members.

– Site Admin has to connect their PayPal Account with the PayPal Payouts Module.

Workflow of PayPal Payouts

– Customer books on appointment on the site using the booking form.

– Site Admin receives the payment for the appointment.

– Once the payment is received, an entry will be created in the Payouts Table.

– The site admin has to review the Payout. Then the admin can make the payment to their Staff Members directly from the site.

11. SMS

FLIN Bookings allows the Site Admin, Staff Members and the Customers to receive SMS Notification regarding their upcoming appointments. SMS Support can be Integrated via Twilio/Nexmo API.

Important Features Offered by FLIN Bookings

– Works for Members and Guests

– Advanced Account Management

– Unlimited Services can be configured

– Price for Individual Services can be configured

– Unlimited Staff Members can be created

– Multiple Staff Members can be assigned to a Single Service

– Working Hours and Holidays can be configured for Staff Members

– Buffer Time (Before & After) Appointment can be configured

– Frontend Appointment Booking Form for Users

– Option for the customer to make payment using Inbuilt Offline Payment Gateway/Inbuilt Stripe Payment Gateway

– Separate Dashboard for Logged-In users to view their appointments

– 11 Modules for Feature Enhancements

– Advanced WooCommerce Integration

– Booking Payment can be made using any WooCommerce supported payment gateway

– Option for the Site Admin to pay their staffs directly via PayPal Payouts

– Admin, Customer and Staff Members can be notified via Email and SMS regarding their upcoming appointments

Plugin Live Demo

Checkout the FLIN Bookings Live Demo.

Try and then Purchase

You can download FLIN Bookings and try it before purchasing.

Where to Purchase?

You can purchase FLIN Bookings for $39 on Flintop.

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